Teaching and Learning at Hilliard SS


​​​​​​​​​The Hilliard State School Pedagogy Framework (PDF, 547KB) outlines best practice teaching and learning by teachers at Hilliard State School with the goal of increased student engagement and student learning outcomes. The framework was developed collaboratively with teachers at Hilliard State School.

The teachers at Hilliard SS use the Australian Curriculum and access C2C as a curriculum delivery resource for the teaching and learning. Classroom teachers meet weekly within Professional Learning Teams to collaborate, plan, analyse, share and moderate learning experiences. Teachers plan teaching and learning with the Hilliard SS Planning Template to consider and incorporate HITS (High Impact Teaching Strategies), Age Appropriate Pedagogies, SAMR Model and the Gradual Release of Responsibility where appropriate.

Clarity - Schoolwide Focus

Since the beginnning of 2021, Hilliard SS staff have been involved in the South East Region Learning Leading Collaborative which works with the evidence based work of Lyn Sharratt's "Clarity" and the 14 Parameters of System and School Improvement.

Within this Clarity framework Hilliard SS teachers have been developing their skills in the following areas:

- Unpacking the 14 Parameters

- Using Learning Intentions and Success Criteria  

- Using and co-creating "Bump it Up Walls" for students track and improve their learning

- Using and co-creating "Learning Walls" in classrooms and in a digital format to share learning examples

- Student case management​

Teachers have collaborated to develop a Third Teacher at Hilliard Practices Model ​which offers digital and non-digital options to support student learning.

HIP - Hilliard iPad Program - Teaching and Learning 

The use of ICT, in particular iPads, plays an important part in successful teaching and learning at Hilliard State School. Visit our HIP@HilliardSS page to learn more.

The Teaching and Learning Placemat (link below)  assists teachers with a starting point when beginning their BYO iPad journey and for those continuing their's. This document is updated yearly to reflect the evolution of the school's iPad teaching​ and learning priorities.

This document outlines:

- Where to begin? Organisation

- Curriculum Delivery and Innovation

- Suggested ways to use creative content apps and consume apps

- Other processes

Hilliard iPad Program - Teaching and Learning Placemat

To view highlights of Teaching and Learning within the HIlliard iPad Program click on this TEACHING AND LEARNING LINK.

The SAMR Model used as a part of the Hilliard Planning Template is essentially a planning tool that helps to design better learning activities for students.   The framework provides pedagogical guidelines for teachers about how they can use technology in their lessons.

The SAMR Model is explained as:

SUBSTITUTION – Technology acts as a direct tool substitute. For example, using the app Notes to record writing.

AUGMENTATION –  Technology still acts as a direct tool substitute, but with functional improvements.  For example, using the app Notes to Scan a document. 

MODIFICATION – By this stage technology not only enhances the learning activity, it also significanly transforms it.  For example, using the collabration tool to share their work with others on Keynote.

REDEFINITION – This level requires the teacher to think about learning activities that were previously inconceivable without the use of technology.  For example, using the data within Numbers to create an interactive presentation.


STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics​​. The teaching of STEM allows students to develop their skills in preparation for the 21st Century. At Hilliard SS there is a STEM teacher who works with all students and delivers Technologies and Media Arts Curriculum with a focus on using Apple apps for collaboration, creativity and connectedness.​​

To view highlights from our STEM program click on this STEM LINK.

Coding and Robotics

Coding and Robotics is a popular club open to all year levels. In this club time students have the opportunity to engage with Lego EV3 robots, Lego WeDo, Dash, and Sphero. Students use this time to engage with Lego EV3 robots for future interschool and state competiitions.

Students can bring their own iPad to the Coding Club to explore using, building and solving challenges within the apps Scratch Jnr, Tynker and Hopscotch.

Coding and Robotics is also used within the classroom as a part of STEM lessons and everyday classes to demonstrate problem solving, metacognition, collaboration, innovation and connectedness to the real world. Students are encouraged to work individually, in pairs or groups according to their learning preferences.

Hilliard is excited to be building their knowledge within the app Swift as inspired through recent Apple PD with teachers!

The Teaching of Phonics across the School

In 2022 Hilliard SS has engaged in the implementation of the Read, Write, Inc Program  and Freshstart Program which provides a structured and systemic approach to the teaching of literacy. These programs are a research proven synthetic approach to the teaching of phonics.

Why is Phonics important?

The English written language is an alphabetic code. Letters (graphemes) are symbols that represent the individual sounds (phonemes) of spoken language. Phonics is understanding the relationship between the sounds and the letter/s that represent them.

There are a number of different approaches to teaching phonics, all with varying levels of effectiveness. The evidence is clear, however, that systematic, synthetic phonics is the most effective approach.

The Read, Write, Inc Program is:

- A learn-to-read program for students 5-9 years

- Differentiated according to student needs, targeting teaching to the point of their need

- Intergrated comprehension, writing, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and handwriting

- A program full of decodable reading books for school and home​

- Taught for one hour 5 times a week for Prep to Year 2

The Freshstart Program is:

- High quality, phonics based intervention for identified students in Years 3 to 6

- Differentiated ​with age appropriate activities and readers

- Taught 5 times a week for identified students in Years 3 to 6


Hilliard SS was a NAPLAN Online PILOT School. In 2016, select Year 3 and 5 students trialled the online platform on iPads. From 2019, all Year 3 and 5 students will do NAPLAN Online on iPads. Parents can view the public NAPLAN Online demonstration site.

Last reviewed 24 June 2022
Last updated 24 June 2022