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The focus of the HIP - Hilliard iPad Program at Hilliard State School is to provide the tools and resources to the 21st-Century Learner. A successful HIP - Hilliard iPad Program requires technology to be seamlessly integrated throughout the school's curriculum. Increased access to technology is essential for teaching students skills for a future in which, as societal trends suggest, digital literacy is key. The individual use of personal devices is a way to empower students to work to their full potential and develop essential learning habits with the support of digital tools.

Learning results from continuous dynamic interaction among students, teachers, parents and the extended community. Technology immersion does not diminish the vital role of the teacher. On the contrary, it transforms the teacher from a director of learning to a facilitator of learning. Effective teaching and learning with technology integrates technology into the curriculum any time, any place. 

This page provides parents with essential information regarding the implementation, management and operation of our HIP - Hilliard iPad Program. We have developed simple how-to guides that systematically explain some fundamental processes parents/guardians may need to know. 

Vendor information and portals or on-line stores

A number of vendors have developed portals that Hilliard State School parents/carers can use to research and/or purchase suitable devices (details below). A number of local retail stores in the area have advised that they are also able to provide suitable devices.

Education suppliers have experience in supplying devices which have been evaluated by Department of Education (DoE) for use with school students, and may be able to provide a cost effective suitable device and warranty and technical support arrangements. To ensure the best value for money, parents\carers are encouraged to research devices (please see minimum specifications in our BYOx Charter) across a wide range vendors and retailers to obtain quotes to ensure that the best possible price can be negotiated.

Many vendors offer finance plans, hiring and/or leasing options. Purchase, finance and lease agreements are private arrangements between the parent\caregiver and the vendor. The school takes no responsibility for any private finance arrangements.

The School takes no responsibility for any information provided on the vendor portals which are provided as a service to parents/carers. Vendors are provided information about the Schools HIP - Hilliard iPad Program, including minimum specifications and required items, and vendors have sole responsibility for the offerings they include on their portals. Parents/carers need to ensure that minimum specifications and requirements for the HIP - Hilliard iPad Program are met when considering purchasing items through any vendor.

  • Apple Store, Carindale- Family Funded Program: Visit the Carindale Apple Store at Westfield Carindale or call 3199 2200. Identify yourself as a Hilliard State School parent/carer and that you wish to purchase under the Family Funded Program.
  • JB Hi-Fi Solutions for Education School Code: BYODHILLIARDSS2022.
Please don't hesitate to email us for further information.

Please find our documents for 2022 on the side. 

Intune Enrolment Video

Intune Enrolment Video​


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Last updated 07 January 2022