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​If you cannot download the document/s linked from this page, please contact us and we will provide a copy via the school office.

Folder: 2018 Book Lists2018 Book Lists2018 Book Lists
Folder: 2018 Enrolment Package2018 Enrolment Package2018 Enrolment Package
Folder: Aerobics and DanceAerobics and DanceAerobics and Dance
Folder: BYO iPad docsBYO iPad docsBYO iPad docs
Folder: iPad Program documentsiPad Program documentsiPad Program documents
Folder: Student LeadershipStudent LeadershipStudent Leadership
2018 Scholarships Information and Nomination Form.pdf2018 Scholarships Information and Nomination Form2018 Scholarships Information and Nomination Form322 KB
2018 SRS Letter and Form.pdf2018 SRS Letter and Form2018 SRS Letter and Form495 KB
2018 Uniform Order Form.pdf2018 Uniform Order Form2018 Uniform Order Form253 KB
2018-Chaplaincy-Snapshot-A4_v5-print.pdf2018-Chaplaincy-Snapshot-A4_v5-print2018-Chaplaincy-Snapshot-A4_v5-print7260 KB
Cybersafety Internet Safety Golden Rules Poster.pdfCybersafety Internet Safety Golden Rules PosterCybersafety Internet Safety Golden Rules Poster297 KB
Cybersafety Think Before You Post Online.jpgCybersafety Think Before You Post OnlineCybersafety Think Before You Post Online128 KB
Great Results Guarantee - SER - Hilliard SS.PDFGreat Results Guarantee - SER - Hilliard SS 2015Great Results Guarantee - SER - Hilliard SS264 KB
Great Results Guarantee - SER - Hilliard State School (DG Approved).PDFGreat Results Guarantee - SER - Hilliard State School (DG Approved)Great Results Guarantee - SER - Hilliard State School (DG Approved)1234 KB
harassment-free-school.pdfHarassment free schoolharassment-free-school26 KB
Hilliard-SS-Parent and Community Engagement Framework.pdfHilliard SS Parent and Community Engagement FrameworkHilliard-SS-Parent and Community Engagement Framework201 KB
Hilliard-SS-RBPFS 2018-2020.pdfHilliard SS Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students 2018-2020Hilliard-SS-RBPFS 2018-20201193 KB
Hilliard-SS-Assessment Schedule with benchmarks.pdfHilliard-SS-Assessment Schedule with benchmarksHilliard-SS-Assessment Schedule with benchmarks530 KB
Hilliard-SS-Attendance-Policy.pdfHilliard-SS-Attendance-PolicyHilliard-SS-Attendance-Policy814 KB
Hilliard-SS-GRG-I4S-2016.pdfHilliard-SS-GRG-I4S-2016Hilliard-SS-GRG-I4S-2016193 KB
Hilliard-SS-Map-classrooms-2018.pdfHilliard-SS-Map-classrooms-2018Hilliard-SS-Map-classrooms-2018288 KB
Hilliard-SS-Parent Handbook 2018.pdfHilliard-SS-Parent Handbook 2018Hilliard-SS-Parent Handbook 2018498 KB
Hilliard-SS-Pedagogy-Framework.pdfHilliard-SS-Pedagogy-FrameworkHilliard-SS-Pedagogy-Framework394 KB
Hilliard-SS-Reading Home iRead@HilliardSS Record Sheet 2-6.pdfHilliard-SS-Reading Home iRead@HilliardSS Record Sheet 2-6Hilliard-SS-Reading Home iRead@HilliardSS Record Sheet 2-6490 KB
Hilliard-SS-Reading Home iRead@HilliardSS Record Sheet P-1.pdfHilliard-SS-Reading Home iRead@HilliardSS Record Sheet P-1Hilliard-SS-Reading Home iRead@HilliardSS Record Sheet P-1496 KB
Hilliard-SS-Reading Program.pdfHilliard-SS-Reading ProgramHilliard-SS-Reading Program1748 KB
Hilliard-SS-snapshot-report-2014.pdfHilliard-SS-snapshot-report-2014Hilliard-SS-snapshot-report-2014207 KB
I4S - SER - Hilliard State School.pdfI4S - SER - Hilliard State SchoolI4S - SER - Hilliard State School61 KB
Investing for Success - SER - Hilliard State School.pdfInvesting for Success - SER - Hilliard State SchoolInvesting for Success - SER - Hilliard State School243 KB
managing-digital-footprint-digital-resource-3.jpgmanaging-digital-footprint-digital-resource-3managing-digital-footprint-digital-resource-357 KB
putting-things-right.pdfPutting things rightputting-things-right65 KB
SIU - Hilliard State School - Executive Summary - 2016.pdfSIU - Hilliard State School - Executive Summary - 2016SIU - Hilliard State School - Executive Summary - 2016361 KB
student-dress-code.pdfStudent dress codestudent-dress-code49 KB
student-dress-code-regulations.pdfStudent dress code regulationsstudent-dress-code-regulations6 KB
Teaching-and-Learning-Audit-2013 Hilliard 8 page Profile.pdfTeaching-and-Learning-Audit-2013 Hilliard 8 page ProfileTeaching-and-Learning-Audit-2013 Hilliard 8 page Profile268 KB
Teaching-and-Learning-Audit-2013 Hilliard SS Executive Summary.pdfTeaching-and-Learning-Audit-2013 Hilliard SS Executive SummaryTeaching-and-Learning-Audit-2013 Hilliard SS Executive Summary192 KB
Teaching-and-Learning-Audit-2013 Parent Factsheet.pdfTeaching-and-Learning-Audit-2013 Parent FactsheetTeaching-and-Learning-Audit-2013 Parent Factsheet265 KB