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Student services and support programs

Learning Support

At Hilliard, we appreciate that not all students learn at the same rate.  The school has the services of a Learning Support Teacher: Literacy and Numeracy, who works to identify, assess and monitor student learning needs and to work with teachers to modify programs and to provide support. We currently have a number of support programs running which are designed to assist student learning.

Learning Support Teacher:

Both in class support and small group withdrawal contribute additional expertise in planning, teaching, assessing and monitoring student achievement and progress in literacy and numeracy. The ELF (Early Literacy Foundations) and PAL (Phonological Awareness in Literacy) programs are some of many research based programs used to deliver literacy and numeracy intervention instruction.

Ready Reader Program:

The Ready Reader Program supports students in Year 1 to improve their confidence and skills in reading. The program is run by trained community volunteers under the guidance of the Learning Support Teacher. Community volunteers are most welcome to join the program to support early reading development.


The oral language program assists students to develop the vocabulary and language structures necessary for reading and writing. The program is run by trained teacher aides under the guidance of the Speech Language Pathologist.

Early Years Literacy Intervention Program:

EYLIP supports students to develop concept about print, rhyme and letter identification.  These skills are necessary when learning how to read. The EYLIP program is run by trained teacher aides.

Special Needs Group:

This group meets weekly to assess student needs and to devise support plans for the enrichment of students and supportive intervention when required.

Gifted and Talented

Who are the Gifted?
According to the Education Queensland Framework for Gifted Education: Students who are gifted excel, or are capable of excelling, in one or more areas such as general intelligence, specific academic studies, visual and performing arts, physical ability, creative thinking, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.  Giftedness in a student is commonly characterised by an advanced pace of learning, quality of thinking or capability for remarkably high standards of performance compared to students of the same age.  Although these students are capable of outstanding achievement, the learning environment is pivotal to enabling them to demonstrate and develop their abilities.  Students who are gifted are at risk of underachieving and disengaging from learning if they are not identified and catered for appropriately.
Objectives for students who are gifted:
  • A greater awareness of the prevalence and specific needs of students who are gifted
  • The identification of all students who are gifted regardless of their ethnicity, location, (dis)ability, gender or economic status
  • Meeting the specific needs of students who are gifted and improving their learning outcomes
  • Cooperation and collaboration among teachers, parents/carers, students, education administrators and community to ensure students who are gifted have opportunities to develop their abilities.
In support of these objectives, Hilliard SS will strive to ensure:
  • There is a rigorous and justifiable identification process in place
  • There is maximum collaboration between all stakeholders
  • The needs of gifted students are considered during planning to improve the learning outcome for all children
  • Teachers are encouraged to differentiate the curriculum to challenge gifted students
  • Students are aware of their giftedness and actively seek opportunities to realise their potential for outstanding achievement.
Our school also offers a range of extra-curricular activities, which can support these students.  We invite all students at our school to identify activities that they may like to participate in.
School Chaplain

The National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program (NSCSWP) provides funding to schools to access the services of a school chaplain or student welfare worker. SU Qld provide a Snapshot of School Chaplaincy for the wider community.

This program aims to help school communities support the spiritual, social and emotional wellbeing of their students.

Our school Chaplain is funded by the federal governments, NSCSWP, operated by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.

Our School Chaplain provides a listening ear and a helping hand to encourage children to make the most of their growing years. Today, more than ever, young people need the positive influence of people committed to their wellbeing.
At Hilliard State School, our Chaplain plays a vital role within our community doing tasks like-
·         Supporting children
·         Supporting parents/carers and families
·         Supporting Staff
·         Grief and Loss programs –“ Seasons for Growth” (for both children and adults)
·         Stress and depression programs –“ Friends for Life” and “Fun Friends” programs
·         Co-ordinates the Religious Education program – run by combined Redlands Churches co-operative agreement.
·         Supa Club – Scripture Union Primary Age Club for grades 3-6.  This is a voluntary lunch time club, with activities including games, craft, music and Bible teaching. 
·         Friendship workshops
·         Anger management/support
·         Co-ordinating special occasion visits e.g. Christmas and Easter presentations etc.
·         Care Group – co-ordinating a team of parent/carers who help provide support through meals, transport, grocery hampers, visitation etc.
·         Special morning teas for students in Year 6
·         Special morning teas for staff
·         Special morning teas for parents
·         Open Door – lunchtime activities and games in the chaplaincy room
·         Co-ordinates support with local churches and other community organisations
·         Building self-esteem and lessons on peer support and anti-bullying
·         Providing positive role-modelling
·         Connecting students and families to support agencies
·         Connecting students to camping programs and mentoring programs.
In 2019, we welcome Mrs Pauline Drummond as the incoming Chaplain at Hilliard SS.
Chaplain Pauline works at the school every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Students are referred to her by staff members and/or parents. Please feel free to drop in any time for a visit to the chaplaincy room.
Religious Instruction
Religious instruction (RI) is offered at Hilliard State School and is conducted fortnightly. The information you submit on your child’s enrolment form is used to place them in either RI or in Other Instruction, unless you have provided additional written advice to the school. Please notify the school, in writing if you wish to change your preference specified in the enrolment form. Students who are not participating in RI will be provided with other instruction in a separate supervised location. Other instruction relates to part of a subject area already covered in class and may include, but is not restricted to, wider reading, personal research, revision / homework tasks. The faith group that currently provides Religious Instructors to deliver an authorised program is the Redlands Ministers Fraternal.  They deliver the Connect program. The Connect program offered by the Redlands Ministers Fraternal group involves a curriculum that is content structured, teaching the major events, concepts and doctrines of the Bible.
Supa Club 
Supa Club is held every Thursday at lunch time from 1.45 – 2.15pm in the Chaplaincy Room.
Supa Club (Scripture Union Primary Age Club) is a voluntary activity for children in Years 3-6.
Children participating in Supa Club must have a signed permission form from their parents.
Supa Club operates at Hilliard State School with the approval of the Principal and Education Queensland. Apart from the fun and enjoyment of Bible stories, games, quizzes, craft, music etc., the Supa Club provides opportunities for students to investigate life’s questions from a Christian point of view.
Supa Clubs operate in primary schools at lunch times or as after school clubs.  There are more than 100 Supa Clubs throughout Queensland. It is part of the world wide work of Scripture Union – an interdenominational Christian movement.  Weekend and vacation camps are also held by S.U. Qld.
The Supa Club leaders are usually volunteers – either parents, or R.E. teachers, class teachers, who all hold current Children’s Worker Suitability Blue Cards.
Please contact the leader, our chaplain Mrs Pauline Drummond, if you wish to find out more information about this program.
Speech Pathology
Education Queensland provides speech-language therapy services for students with special needs in communication enrolled or registered in state education facilities. The focus of these services is to enhance students' educational programs and outcomes. For more information please see the following link: