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Mathletics GOLD Award

​Jayden C receiving a Mathletics GOLD Award
At our most recent assembly, we congratulated Jayden C from Year 5 for being the first Mathletics GOLD Award recipient at Hilliard State School. To achieve a GOLD award, a student must earn 4 Silver awards (5 Bronze equates to 1 Silver). Students must earn 1000 points to achieve a Bronze award. Here is what Jayden had to say when Mr Meijboom presented him with his GOLD award:
Mr Meijboom:    Jayden, firstly congratulations, how are you feeling, being the first GOLD award recipient at Hilliard State School?
Jayden:            I feel GREAT!
Mr Meijboom:    Jayden, do you have any tips for the other students at Hilliard to work towards a GOLD award?
Jayden:            Well, you have to try to get a Bronze award every week and you need at least 1000 points to get a Bronze. You can either do the activities in Mathletics or LIVE Mathletics to get points.
Mr Meijboom:    Do you only have to do activities in Mathletics that you find difficult?
Jayden:            No not always. You can do activities that you do well or find easier so that you can become an expert in those maths concepts. You can also change the difficulty level for many activities to suit your level.
Mr Meijboom     Thanks Jayden, do you have any last words of advice?
Jayden:            Just keep trying hard to get Bronze awards and have fun doing the activities in Mathletics.
Mr Meijboom:    Congratulations again, Jayden.
Jayden:            Thank you Mr Meijboom.
Here at Hilliard, students have now achieved over 2000 awards including over 230 Silver awards and 1 GOLD. We have 6 classes who currently have over 100 student awards: P/1E, 2A, 2C, 3/4D, 3B, 3C, 4A and 4C. We have many other classes close to 100 awards.
We encourage all students to continue to access Mathletics over the school holiday period.
Happy maths learning.